Practice areas

Commercial Law

• Incorporation of companies and creation of corporate structures
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Restructuring
• Mergers and divisions of companies and groups of companies
• Restructurings
• Dissolution and liquidation of companies
• Acquisitions and disposals, LBOs, MBOs
• Venture capital and private equity investments
• Joint venture agreements
• Capital markets and securities
• Public share offers and public offers for subscription
• Takeovers
• IPOs
• Corporate governance of listed companies
• Codes of conduct and transparency, reporting obligations of listed companies
• Commercial Contracts
• Antitrust and competition law
• Unfair competition

Criminal Law

• Crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order
• Corporate crime
• Intellectual Property crime
• Crimes against the Public Administration, public authorities and the justice system
• Public finance and Social Security offenses
• Environmental crime
• Urban planning offenses
• Cybercrimes
• Crimes against honour and reputational crimes
• Professional negligence

Employment Law

• Employment matters in restructuring and reorganization processes (collective dismissals, pre-retirement agreements)
• Individual employment matters (employment contracts, social security contributions, disciplinary system, individual dismissals)
• Senior management contracts
• Labour audits
• Court proceedings before labour courts
• Assistance and appearance before the Labour and Social Security Inspection authorities and before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Services
• Collective bargaining agreements and company-level agreements
• Accidents at work (labour and administrative implications)


• Pre-insolvency advice
• Insolvency advice
• Insolvency trustees
• Collective redundancies
• Preparation of agreements with creditors
• Company and group restructurings
• Refinancing and restructuring of debt
• Recognition and enforcement of court decisions issued in foreign insolvency proceedings
• Protection of creditors’ rights
• Directors’ liability

Intellectual Property

• Intellectual property rights
• Protection of trademarks, patents and industrial designs
• Commercial image exploitation
• Advertising law
• Sponsorship and patronage
• Publishing, audio-visual production and distribution contracts


• Privacy and Personal Data Protection
• On-line business legal advice (terms of use, website agreements)
• E-commerce
• Brand, trademark and domain name protection
• Defence and recovery of domain names
• IT contracts
• Cybercrime
• Telecommunications

Litigation and Arbitration

• Proceedings on civil and commercial contracts
• Proceedings on fundamental rights
• Proceedings concerning inheritance and family law
• Enforcement procedures
• Contractual liability and tort law
• Domestic and international arbitration
• Execution of arbitral awards

Public Law

• Administrative proceedings and administrative court proceedings
• Issuance of reports and legal opinions
• Legislation drafting
• Public contracting
• Regulated sectors
• Urban planning, management and discipline
• Environmental law
• Public assets
• Privatization processes
• Professional associations
• Sports and Culture
• Subsidies, aids and grants
• Expropriations
• Public foundations


• Legal services to sports federations, sports clubs and associations
• Contracts and transfers of sportspersons
• Contracts with clubs and sponsors
• Image, broadcasting and sponsorship rights
• Proceedings before national and international sports governing bodies
• Doping proceedings


• Tax planning for international and national transactions (in particular, mergers and acquisitions)
• Taxation of non-profit entities (foundations, associations, educational and sports entities)
• Tax planning for international and national real estate transactions
• Appeals and claims before the Public Administration